Are our passion!

We do not use flavours, flavour enhancers, artificial additives or preservatives to create homemade preserves. We use old, proven recipes. Some of them are even pre-war.

Interestingly, in the case of mustard production, as the last of the manufacturers, we do not use mustard flour – we have it ourselves. When it comes to sour soup, we do not add any unnecessary ingredients like: naps, herbs and other spices. There is only a little garlic, and the spices are added during the preparation of the sour soup, according to its taste. That’s why our products have such a unique flavor.

Beets, grated horseradish, sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, pickles (canned) – among other things, we offer you as a manufacturer. We offer a taste that will remind you of the wonderful homemade dinner at Grandma’s. Are you interested in marinated vegetables, pickled salad or bluffed cabbage, salad with canned cucumbers? Are you looking for an experienced producer of vinegar, silage, vegetable salads, mustard, beetroot products? You’ve come to the right place.

Our marinated vegetables come from polish, rural crops. Polish cuisine traditions are very important to us. We offer very high quality products, while maintaining their attractive price. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our full offer. The best marinated cucumbers (canned), pickled, vegetable preparations, red cabbage salad, sauerkraut salad and much more await you. Enjoy your meal!